Welcome to Iacono Research!

You have likely arrived here after reading something that I’ve written at one of the many financial news websites where my work appears or by following a link back to an item here at the blog.

Again, welcome!

As you may have already deduced, this is not your typical financial blog, accompanied by some run-of-the-mill investment newsletter, and I’m not your typical financial writer.

In fact, I spent my entire working career as an engineer before retiring back in 2007 at the tender young age of 46. Two years prior to that in 2005 I started writing a blog - The Mess That Greenspan Made - mostly just to poke fun at the housing bubble and the policy makers who had led us down that path.

You see, my wife and I sold our house in Southern California just before the housing bubble really got out of hand and, having taken a keen interest in investments many years prior to that (in preparation for our long-planned retirement in 2007) and then finding out how much I liked writing at the blog, one thing led to another and, in early-2006, I started the investment newsletter.

It’s still going strong six years later, all the while building an impressive track record.

If, after reading my commentaries about oil, gold, the economy, or a variety of other topics, you wonder how I invest my own money and how we managed to retire so early, the investment newsletter is where you’ll find the answers. I spend a judicious amount of time researching and analyzing economic data and financial markets based on information and opinions from a wide variety of sources. I then formulate and refine personal views which result in writing commentary and making personal investment decisions, both of which are shared with subscribers in weekly updates for a relatively modest fee.

Details about the investment newsletter and information about the performance of the associated “model portfolio” can be found here and if there are any questions that I can help answer, just send mail to [email protected].

Best Regards,

Tim Iacono