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A whopping 99%! That’s the return the Iacono Research model portfolio has achieved since its
inception on 1/1/05 — even in a whipsaw market that has left many investors bruised and battered.

Through 3rd quarter, 2011

I’m Tim Iacono and I get impressive 60% returns by investing in the commodities bull market that’s being fueled by soaring demand from emerging markets amid tight supplies for energy and raw materials. I can teach you how to get the same kind of returns with my unique product, Iacono Research!


According to Tim, there’s no end in sight to the possible profits you could make — if you know the right moves to make. And with Iacono Research there’s no guesswork… because Tim will teach you which moves to make and when to make them so you’re positioned to make potentially BIG money!

Known for his blog, “The Mess That Greenspan Made,” Tim Iacono isn’t a Wall Street “insider” with an agenda. He’s a retired engineer who has studied the markets since the mid-1990s, with a special focus on commodity investments that have paid off so well that he was able to retire in his 40s.

With Iacono Research you can leverage Tim’s expertise in successfully picking profitable stocks and commodities — always backed up with sound, no-nonsense rationales — to find opportunities that could pay off for you now.

And every position in the model portfolio is included in his personal portfolio.
So, as you invest in tandem with Tim, you know that he has carefully assessed the risk/reward of each pick before you hear about it.

A rare combination of top-notch market analysis and specific recommendations…I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more or participate in the natural resources bull market.

- R.T


  1. Keeps you up to date on a weekly basis.
    Unlike many other comparable investing newsletters that only issue monthly reports, Tim’s weekly updates ensure that you’re always on top of any action that could have an impact on your investing decisions.
  2. Puts recommended positions in a broader context.
    Tim doesn’t talk about his picks in isolation. Drawing on in-depth research, he helps you understand why and how critical economic and monetary issues — both domestic and foreign — may influence the market and the Iacono Research model portfolio.
  3. Gives you Tim’s singular insights and opinions.
    Since Tim is the only expert behind Iacono Research, you get a consistent, comprehensive investing vision. You never have to worry about sorting through a variety of sometimes conflicting “voices” to make smart investing moves.
Tim uses his breadth of investing experience to help subscribers make informed investing decisions, and he presents the data and analysis in a clear and easily understandable manner.

- Ian Wachoviak


The first step to profiting from this long-term commodities bull market is by “investing” in Tim’s Iacono Research. As a member, you get unrestricted access to…

  • Tim’s Model Portfolio featuring up to 30 positions of varying sizes, giving you both breadth and depth, in commodities (especially gold and other precious metals), stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and foreign currencies that he believes are valuable long-term plays. (Remember, these positions are held in Tim’s personal portfolio, and he wants to make money as much as you do.)

    The model portfolio is updated every Friday after the market close. A detailed accounting of gains and losses is also included because Tim believes in100% transparency.

  • Weekend Updates that are posted Sundays on the site followed by an email alert. Here’s where you’ll find Tim’s detailed commentary on that week’s market activity, including important news on individual stocks or sectors where monies are currently invested.

    Plus, Tim looks ahead to major events of the next week as well as analyzes emerging trends or themes that may affect your future investment decisions so you’re always one step ahead of the “crowd.”

If I were to recommend one single paid site/service, it would be Iacono Research. If you want to invest in precious metals and commodities, overall, Iacono’s service/information is the best.

- N. Haneef


Take your time to explore all that Iacono Research has to offer — Tim’s on-the-money analyses and his in-the-money picks — absolutely risk free. If you’re not convinced that Iacono Research is worth every penny you paid, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund whether you choose a 3-month or 12-month subscription. Guaranteed.

I only wish I had acted on Iacono Research earlier. I could have bought gold at $400 an ounce if I had listened to Tim years ago.

- Erik Ustin

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