Tuesday Morning Links

Gas prices break 27-day rise - CNN/Money
Stocks Fall as European Economy Contracts - Bloomberg
Obama holds news conference, unveils housing plan - AP
As an Adviser, Goldman Guaranteed Its Payday - DealBook
Greece bubbles towards a third bailout, boiling point - Telegraph
How all CDS are at risk of not paying out - Salmon, Reuters
Credit Default Swap Fraud Exposed/Confirmed - Implode-O-Meter
IBM’s Watson Gets Wall Street Job After ‘Jeopardy’ Win - Bloomberg
Fed Study of Student Debt Outlines a Growing Burden - NY Times
How College Education Has Become A Giant Money Making Scam - American Dream
Dozens arrested protesting education cuts at California - Reuters
Wall St. Bonus Withdrawal Means Trading Aspen for Cheap Chex - Bloomberg
4 big myths about Wall Street bonuses - MarketWatch

Oil slides to $106 on global growth concerns - AP
Gold falls below $1,690/oz as euro slides - Reuters
Insiders as bearish now as last April - MarketWatch
Buy-and-Hold Can Not Die - The Aleph Blog
‘Peak Oil’ is back with a vengeance - Today Online
Billionaires Buy Petrol Ships as Cargoes Expand - Bloomberg
A volatile ride ahead to far higher gold prices - Mineweb
Sentiment hit hard by gold sell-off - could be more to come - Mineweb
Hong Kong gold exports to Mainland China dips in January - BullionStreet
Mining market funk to wane as PDAC engenders optimism - Mineweb

Under $2 a Day in America, Part 1 - off the charts
AP survey: More optimism about US jobs and economy - AP
How Does Anybody Make a Living These Days? - LewRockwell.com
In China, Sobering Signs of Slower Growth - NY Times
Goldman Secret Greece Loan Reveals Sinners - Bloomberg
How the IMF reasserted its power in Greece’s debt crisis - Washington Post
Spain tries to head off deficit rebellion in regions - Reuters
Overall Decline in Shadow Inventory Masks Big Regional Differences - S&P
Home price declines resilient against REO saturation: Clear Capital - Clear Capital
Fed’s Fisher “Perplexed” By Wall Street “Fetish” With QE3 - Zero Hedge
Richard Fisher: QE3 would be like ‘medical malpractice’ - CNN/Money
Seventeen Years of Boom and Bust - Mises
Fed Up with the Fed - Ron Paul

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