Monday Morning Links

Hurricane Sandy forces NYSE and Nasdaq shutdown - BBC
October Surprise: Americans Feeling Better About Economy - NBC News
Greece says EU/IMF lenders refuse to concede on reforms - Reuters
Spain’s Pain Seen Intensifying as Slump Deepens Plight - Bloomberg
Fiscal Cliff Eludes Consumers, Depresses Business - Fiscal Times
Fiscal cliff-divers think jumping off could be best - Washington Post
Tightening fiscal policy on this scale will send the US into recession - Telegraph
Germans Fret About Their Foreign Gold Reserves - Spiegel
Follow-Up Questions For The Bundesbank On Its Gold - Zero Hedge
Distinction Without a Difference - Hussman Funds
13 U.S. cities going broke - MarketWatch
Q.E.D. - aucontrarian

Oil prices drop as Hurricane Sandy threatens demand - AFP
Gold holds slight gains, but firm U.S. dollar weighs - Reuters
Stocks Fall as Sandy Shuts U.S. Markets; Gasoline Gains - Bloomberg
Do I need to invest in stocks for retirement? - CNN/Money
Junk Bonds Grow More Popular and Turn Even Riskier - NY Times
Yen steadies well above recent lows on eve of BOJ meeting - Reuters
REITs are priced to sell - MarketWatch
Preparing for a Stall in Stocks - Barron’s
Gold investors’ bullion holdings rise to record - Economic Times
Don’t Fear a Normal Gold Correction - U.S. Global Investors

Who Gets Credit for the Recovery? - NY Times
Yet another discouraging GDP report - Econbrowser
A Kind Word for Austrian Business Cycle Theory - Uneasy Money
Britain Will Be Third World Economy by 2014: Authors - CNBC
The renminbi bloc is here: Asia down, the rest of the world to go? - voxeu
Generation Nixed: Why Canada’s youth are losing hope for the future - Globe & Mail
Trying to combat Hong Kong’s housing bubble - Soberlook
Optimism rises but negative equity a ‘market millstone’ - PTL
Four years later, housing still on shaky ground - Star Telegram
The Perils of Bubbles and Speculative Finance - Noland, Prudent Bear
Election aside, we’re stuck with Big Ben - Fleckenstein, MSN Money
On Coordinated Monetary and Fiscal Policy - Fed Watch

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