Friday Morning Links

Spain jobless rate hits new high - BBC
Europe’s Poor Ask for Food Aid as Crisis Bites - CNBC
ECB cannot solve root causes of banking crisis - Reuters
Eurozone nears Japan-style trap as money and credit contract - Telegraph
Greek debt to badly miss target - euro zone official - Reuters
Japan approves US$5.3 billion stimulus budget - Channel News Asia
Report: ‘Fiscal cliff’ already hampering U.S. economy - Washington Post
Five Ways the Student Loan Bubble Mirrors the Housing Crisis - Fiscal Times
Californians asked to end death penalty - to save money - Reuters
James Turk - The Entire German Gold Hoard Is Gone - King World News
Highly Educated Have Biggest Debt Problems - Time
Inequality Is The Child Of Fiat Money - Forbes

Oil retreats to near $85 per barrel - AP
Gold falls with equities before U.S. GDP data - Reuters
Apple Becoming Like Microsoft? Fears Grow After Miss - CNBC
The case for a little optimism about stocks - CNN/Money
Bonds: The Call Everyone Got Wrong - Motley Fool
Bundesbank Says NY Fed to Help Meet Gold Audit Request - Bloomberg
Gold To Rally Strongly In November After October Correction - GoldCore
A Finnish Parallel Currency Is Imaginable - Financial Times
Central Banks’ Paper Gold vs Physical Gold - Gold Silver Worlds
The ‘Rosa Parks’ of the Dollar - NY Sun

Are Obama, Romney too optimistic about the economy? - CSM
Core CAPEX as a Recession Indicator - Advisor Perspectives
This assault on living standards set to run and run - Telegraph
The World from Berlin: ‘Euro-Zone Plans to Fix Greece Have Failed’ - Spiegel
South Korea’s economic growth hits 3-year low in Q3 - xinhuanet
Study: A new flood of money is now leaving China - AP
Billions in Hidden Riches for Family of Chinese Leader - NY Times
Zillow now lists homes in foreclosure - LA Times
California housing market leads the way to recovery - La Joll Light
Washington housing market recovering more quickly than most - Washington Post
Fed’s Lacker says inflation fears underpin policy dissent - Reuters
Ben Bernanke Is Locking in His Legacy - Businesssweek

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