Monday Morning Links

Markets welcome Spain bank deal - BBC
Spain’s banks: Just don’t call it a bailout - Economist
Spain bank deal may not work, bolder reforms needed: Stiglitz - Reuters
In Spain’s bailout request, Greek crisis played key role - Washington Post
Greece’s Euro Exit Won’t Look Anything Like 2008 - Bloomberg
Increasingly, Europe Looks Like America of 2008 - Daily Capitalist
Spooky parallels between Great Depression and euro crisis - Telegraph
Italy Moves Into Debt-Crisis Crosshairs After Spain - Bloomberg
Why China’s May Data Is So Bullish for the Economy - CNBC
Government is the solution - Dionne, Washington Post
The Heart of the Matter - Hussman Funds
Tear up your paper money - MSN Money

Oil above $85 as Spain gets funds to rescue banks - AP
Gold steady on Spain news; platinum, palladium rally - Reuters
Wien Unbowed by Slump, Joins Birinyi Seeing Rally - Bloomberg
Wall Street’s Facebook losses keep growing - Fortune
Oil Trade Hinges on Greek Poll, OPEC Meeting - CNBC
Diminished expectations for gold and a perception problem - Mineweb
Gold-Investment Demand in China to Advance 10%, ICBC Says - Bloomberg
DB: Too soon to call a bottom in gold - Commodity Online
Using natural gas - Econbrowser
The Bond Boom - aucontrarian

America’s Hidden Austerity Program - NY Times
Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy? - Guardian
It only took a global depression to reduce gas prices by 40 cents - TBP
A golden idea to save (or doom) the euro - Globe & Mail
What is globalization? - China Financial Markets
China’s Conundrum: As Economy Slows, Property Market Speeds Up - Forbes
Shortage of homes for sale creates fierce competition - LA Times
Planning to buy a home this spring? Why not wait? - O.C. Housing News
It’s Time for the Fed to Lead the Fight - Romer, NY Times
Goldman: 75% chance the Fed will ease at next meeting - Sober Look
The stimulus ship sets sail - Fleckenstein, MSNMoney
Bernanke’s still ready to $pend - NY Post

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