The Weekend Update is Now Available

The latest issue of the Iacono Research Weekend Update has been posted to the website and is now available for subscribers here. There were no changes to the model portfolio or the buy ratings this week and the executive summary is as follows:

A new recession in the U.K., economic reports in the U.S. that continue to point to slowing growth (or worse), and rising concern that deteriorating conditions in Europe could cause the sovereign debt crisis to spin out of control were met by inaction on the part of central bankers, particularly in the U.S. Yet, equity markets seem to believe that more money printing is on the way as shares rebounded from recent setbacks and moved back above key levels.

The natural resource sector turned in its best week since late-February as commodity prices rose sharply along with related shares and, though gold and silver moved in opposite directions in recent days, they continue to sport solid gains so far  in 2012. For the week, the model portfolio rose 0.8 percent and is now up 4.4 percent for the year.

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