Wednesday Morning Links

Eurozone jobless rate hits record high - BBC
S&P raises Greek rating, lifting it out of default - Reuters
Euro Stress Crosses Border Into the Netherlands - NY Times
Austerity Backlash: What Merkel’s Isolation Means For the Euro Crisis - Spiegel
In Spain, fear grows that budget cuts are worsening crisis - Washington Post
What happens when oil becomes unaffordable? - Globe & Mail
Ka-Poom Theory Update Two – Part I: Bang or a whimper - iTulip
Greenspan Declares Obama’s ‘Worst Mistake,’ Was On Deficit - HuffPost
Bad Models Mistook Housing Bust for Dot-Com Bubble - Bloomberg
San Jose Retirement at 50 Threatens Solvency - Bloomberg
Total US Debt Soars To 101.5% Of GDP - Zero Hedge
The Pseudoscience of Economics - Azizonomics
On the Uselessness of Debates - Krugman, NY Times

Oil falls below $106 after supply report - AP
Gold retreats as U.S. data lifts dollar - Reuters
After April Showers Will May Stocks Flower? - CNBC
May doesn’t have to be bad for stocks - MarketWatch
The Approaching Reallocation Rally - Kass, The Street
Bulls Roll the Dice, Hoping for More Good Economic News - CNBC
The Flawed Premise of 95 Percent of 401(k) Plans - HuffPost
Five money moves one commodities bear is making now - MarketWatch
On the divergence in global and India gold prices - Commodity Online
Silver rally to hit $50 later this year - BullionStreet
Time to Accumulate Gold and Silver - Daily Reckoning
A Tale of Two Gold Miners - Dollar Collapse

This is the graph that scares me - Bondad Blog
ISM to Regional Factory Reports: Drop Dead - WSJ
Economic stimulus added over 4 percent to GDP - Reuters
Engle Joins Krugman Suggesting Higher Inflation for U.S. - Bloomberg
The United Kingdom Does Austerity So We Don’t Have To - Baker, CEPR
In Battle Against Crisis, ECB Running Out of Weapons - CNBC
The eurozone should sort out its own mess - Telegraph
Greece’s Next Government Has to Show Europe It Can Reform - Bloomberg
Just too little, too late for Australia housing market - SMH
Calgary’s housing market soars in April - Calgary Herald
Short Sales Soar in US Housing Market - NuWire Investor
Renters Really Prefer Owning, Builder Survey Says - WSJ
Calls for mortgage assistance get louder in Washington - LA Times
Four Fed Policy Makers See No Need to Ease With Economy - Bloomberg