Good Friday Morning Links

Jobs report to test economic rebound - CNN/Money
Europe’s poignant wake-up call in Athens - Telegraph
Spanish yields rise as ECB ‘sugar rush’ burns off - Telegraph
Spain to Present Budget Stability Plan to EU After Bonds Fell - Bloomberg
Egan-Jones Cuts U.S. Rating One Step to AA Citing Growing Debt - Bloomberg
IRS Chief: Congress inaction risks 2013 tax “disaster” - Reuters
The political deadlock over national debt - Washington Post
American Taxpayers Give Tribute in Their Own Hunger Games - Bloomberg
Bernanke Holds Private Session With Top Wall Street Executives - WSJ
Government Spending Cuts Will Create Economic Boom: Art Laffer - CNBC
US Labor Market: Increasingly Low-Wage Driven - The Big Picture
Not Enough Inflation - Krugman, NY Times
The Fable of the Century - Robert Reich

Gas prices soar as drivers begin holiday weekend - New14
Gold headed for weekly loss as U.S. easing hopes fade - Reuters
Big Oil’s Strategy for Jacking Up Gasoline Prices - Spiegel
Markets Wake Up to Central Banks’ Complicated Tradeoffs - HuffPost
Blythe Masters: JPMorgan Not Speculating on Commodities - CNBC
It’s time to take profits: A long-overdue correction is coming - MarketWatch
Are the gold and silver bulls clutching at straws? - Mineweb
Gold’s Decade-Long Bull Run Is Dead, Gartman Says - Forbes
Managing Expectations: Why Gold Should Thrive - US Funds
Silver: Poor Man’s Gold Turning to Fool’s Gold? - CNBC
Why is Turkey Turning to Gold? - BullionVault

U.S. Unemployment Declines in March - Gallup
Food inflation seen back on the table as prices rise - Reuters
Consumer loan picture improves across the board in 4th quarter - LA Times
Jamie Dimon blasts governments for ‘making the recovery worse’ - Telegraph
Britain’s Economy Barely Grew in First Quarter, Niesr Estimates - Bloomberg
BoJ likely to ease policy at next meeting: SocGen - MarketWatch
Spain’s Death Spiral and the Hypocrisy of the Euro - Time
Swiss Franc Showdown Looms as Jordan Defends SNB Ceiling - Bloomberg
Euro Set for Biggest Weekly Drop in 7 Months on Debt Woes - Bloomberg
Federal judge approves $25 billion mortgage pact - Reuters
New Face of the Housing Crisis: The Middle Class - Reuters
End Double Mandate to Save Fed’s Independence - Bloomberg
Easy in, Hard out - Aleph Blog

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