Tuesday Morning Links

Did Warm Winter Steal Spring Housing? - CNBC
The one number to watch for a housing recovery - CNN/Money
Stocks, Commodities Drop as China Growth Slows - Bloomberg
Greece receives first tranche of new bailout aid - Reuters
Italy is trapped in a monetary Völkerkerker - Telegraph
U.S. May Sanction India Over Level of Iran-Oil Imports - Bloomberg
Super-Rich Neighbors Driving Us Into Poorhouse: Study - HuffPost
Jobs Bill: A Colossal Mistake of Historic Proportions - Baseline Scenario
Is Our Economy Too Broken for the Fed to Fix It? - The Atlantic
Another Hidden Bailout: Helping Wall Street Collect Your Rent - Taibblog
The meltdown explanation that melts away - Reuters
Is The Weather Helping The Economy? - NPR
Muppets 1 Gollums 0 - Daily Capitalist
Asleep at the wheel - The Burning Platform

Oil falls from near 10-month high to $107 - AP
Gold falls on optimism about economy - Reuters
Stocks Could Drift Higher for Now - CNBC
Buffett Message Is ‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’ - Bloomberg
Oil Price Set for Long-Term Rise: Shell CEO - CNBC
Equities, Treasuries, Gold & Financial Conditions - TBP
David Rosenberg Explains The Melt Up And The Latent Risks - Zero Hedge
Gold price crashes trigger massive central bank buying - Commodity Online
Saft on Wealth: What is gold for? - Reuters
Gold’s Bullish Would-Be Bears - BullionVault

Our Phenomenal Jobs Growth Makes No Sense - DOTE
The Food Stamp Explosion - Conversable Economist
What do inflation hawks know that we don’t? - Noahpinion
Many economic numbers don’t account for inflation - MarketWatch
China says conditions ripe to liberalise interest rates - Channel News Asia
How much did the IMF, ECB and EU bailouts harm Greek bondholders? - Telegraph
Swiss Secrecy Besieged Makes Banks Fret World Money Lure Fading - Bloomberg
Bundesbank Official: ‘We Have to Keep a Watchful Eye on the Money - Spiegel
Bo Ouster Means State Capitalism in China Will Fade, Zhang Says - Businessweek
BHP Billiton sees China iron ore demand flattening - Reuters
O.C. housing market ‘literally on fire’ - O.C. Register
Fed Still Lowering Potential Output Growth Estimates? - Fed Watch
Fed undecided on more easing: Dudley - Reuters

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