Peak Oil R.I.P.?

From the Economist’s Daily Chart feature comes this view of U.S. oil production that, much to the surprise of peak oil proponents, is taking on a remarkable resemblance to the Pollyannaish view of things back around 2005 when this issue first garnered national attention following Hurricane Katrina.

Also see the following items from the earlier links post as there appears to be a growing consensus (that may or may not prove correct) that we are back to an era of energy abundance:

One Response to Peak Oil R.I.P.?

  1. Mike March 7, 2013 at 10:43 AM #

    Peak oil has merely been postponed due to prices supporting the development of poor quality oil. These reserves will expire much more quickly than “good” oil reserves. We’re like crack addicts that are now looking for all those tiny pieces of crack around the toilet ……

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