Tuesday Morning Links

Obama to press for sequester fix - Washington Post
Avoiding the Sequester Isn’t Rocket Science - Bloomberg
New Bowles-Simpson plan would cut $2.4 trillion - CNN/Money
GOP Takes Punches and Plays Rope-a-Dope on Sequester - Fiscal Times
On Barron’s Preposterous Cover About Obama Turning America Into Greece - BI
Will higher taxes derail California’s economic comeback? -Washington Post
Gold at N.Y. Fed is intact, some purer than thought, audit finds - LA Times
Paul Krugman economics: Deny, deny, deny! - Politico
AAA: Expect gas prices to keep rising - Online Athens
Finance and the American poor - Economist
The Chinese tourists are coming! - Fortune
Adrift at sea - The Burning Platform

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Oil falls after ECB says eurozone economy weak - AP
Gold firms on Asian buying but weak sentiment weighs - Reuters
At Last, China Bulls Are Having Moment in the Sun - CNBC
Yen Rises After Aso Rules Out Japan’s Foreign-Debt Buying - Bloomberg
The Great Rotation: It might be time to sell stocks - MarketWatch
With Stock Prices Soaring, Investors Fear Another Crash - WSJ
Currency Trading Is Interesting Once Again - CNBC
When will gold hit $2000 - Screwtape Files
A Bullish Case For Gold: Let The Facts Speak - Seeking Alpha
Gold: Short term appearance vs. long term reality - Mineweb

Economic Growth Fantasies - DOTE
OECD economies in 0.2% quarterly decline - BBC
Putting The Rise in Food Stamp Usage in Perspective - PragCap
Walmart executives sweat slow start to February sales - Bloomberg
The inflation option looms larger, by stealth or through design - Telegraph
Draghi dismisses talk of currency war, but watching euro - Reuters
India is now at a Growth Crossroads - Project Syndicate
German Investor Confidence Jumps to Three-Year High - Bloomberg
On foreclosures, housing, economic recovery … oh, and lying - Mandelman Matters
Contrary to media spin, mortgage delinquencies are rising - O.C. Housing News
Fed Officials Want to Tackle “Reaching for Yield” - Quantitative Ease
Swelling U.S. Labor Force Keeps Fed at Ease - Bloomberg

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