Thursday Morning Links

Central bank gold buying highest since 1964 - Mining Weekly
Euro-Area Economy Shrinks Most Since Depths of Recession - Bloomberg
Japan fourth-quarter GDP shows economy still in recession - Reuters
Activism Shows Rise of Whatever-It-Takes Central Bankers - Bloomberg
Global financial assets, there are lots - FT Alphaville
Postal Service Debt Set to Hit $45 Billion - Fiscal Times
Soros fund bets against yen, makes $1 bln - Reuters
With Amazon minting currency, Fed at risk - MarketWatch
Catalyst Watch, Part 1: CyberWar - Dollar Collapse
Prices of gasoline and crude oil - Econbrowser
The people versus the bankers - Economist
Japanese RORO - aucontrarian

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Oil rise capped by varying demand estimates - AP
Gold holds near $1,640 after euro zone data disappoints - Reuters
10 big worries about this market - MSN Money
OPEC Warns on Risks to U.S. Production Growth - Fox News
Do Junk Bonds Still Live in the Best of Both Worlds? - Unexpected Returns
Looking for the next financial bubble? Just follow the quants. - Sober Look
Big Investors Lead Bets Against Junk Bonds - Financial Times
Gold Is Money: Central Bank Actions Send Investors a Clear Message - GoldSilverWorlds
Central bank bigwigs offered course on how to manage all their gold -
Record Dollar Value Gold Demand In 2012 - India, China and Central Banks Buy - GoldCore

Recovery Sign: More People Are Quitting Their Jobs - CNBC
The Crisis is a Huge Problem for Economics - Unlearning Economics
Weak job creation has become the new normal - Washington Post
India’s economy falls short of lofty aspirations - AP
Global Debt Accumulation Reaches Record Levels - Real Clear Markets
Swiss Property Bubble Concern Seen Prompting Tightening - Bloomberg
Foreclosure filings fall to lowest level since 2007 - CNN/Money
Low Inventory Causing Increase in Home Prices - Implode-O-Meter
Mortgage Mess Still Mires the U.S. Housing Recovery - CNBC
Fed’s George warns unwinding balance sheet could disrupt markets - Reuters
Bullard Says Economic Growth Will Probably Accelerate - Bloomberg
Real Risk-Takers Are the Folks at Federal Reserve - Bloomberg

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