Thursday Morning Links

BOE keeps interest rate at record low - AFP
Carney sets high bar to changes at Bank of England - Reuters
ECB Holds Rates as Stronger Euro Threatens Recovery - Bloomberg
Domestic Spending Due for an Extreme Haircut - Fiscal Times
House votes 253-167 to require balanced budget date from Obama - The Hill
Looming Policy Decisions May Have a Substantial Effect on the Budget Outlook - CBO
S&P Is Accused Of Believing Its Customers Were Crooks - CNBC
S&P Lawsuit Portrays CDO Sellers as Duped Victims - Bloomberg
Is Standard & Poor’s on the Government’s Hit List? - Fiscal Times
Taxes + spending cuts = California budget surplus - CNN/Money
Spreading an Energy Revolution - NY Times
The Errors of Keynes - Mises

Oil prices close to $97 ahead of ECB meeting - AP
Gold market steadies ahead of ECB meeting - Reuters
Insider selling pace now fastest in several years - MarketWatch
Jim Rogers Joins Bill Gross Warning on Treasuries - Bloomberg
Top 5 cultural references Wall Street uses to rip people off - Fortune
Trying to Buy Low, Sell High Doesn’t Work - WSJ
Kass Gets ‘Summer of 1987 Feeling’ - CNBC
US Mint resumes sales while Silver bars disappear - BullionStreet
The Stealth Hoodie: Another Reason to Like Silver - Dollar Collapse
8 facts on China’s golden infrastructure - The Real Asset Co.

Consumers Skid From Fiscal Cliff to Oil Slick - WSJ
Economy can’t defy laws of nature forever - MarketWatch
How a Nation Got Snookered by a Phony Narrative - Bloomberg
Commodity prices and growth: A changing relationship? - voxeu
India in a ‘Horror Show’ as Growth Slumps - CNBC
Anglo Irish Bank successor ‘to be liquidated’ - BBC
Draghi unlikely to take up arms in currency war - MarketWatch
Currency Wars Return, 1930s Style: Who Will Lose Out? - CNBC
Housing market recovery spreads to new markets - LA Times
California cash home sales reach record high - Housing Wire
5 Questions About The Fed That Were Just Asked On Jeopardy - BI
Geithner heading to Council on Foreign Relations - The Hill

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