Monday Morning Links

Italian, Spanish Bonds Slide on Political Risk - Bloomberg
Spain’s opposition Socialists tell Rajoy to resign - Reuters
Reid insists on new revenue to turn off sequester - The Hill
The ‘New Normal’ of High Unemployment - Cato at Liberty
Global Economy Living Off Fed’s Gravy Train - CNBC
Who is afraid of currency wars? - Financial Times
Is this a good time to buy stocks? - Econbrowser
Equity Mutual Fund Flows Hit 12-Year High - Alpha Now
Robot Serves Up 360 Hamburgers Per Hour - Singularity Hub
Canadian penny to be killed off on Monday -
Late-90s-Like - Noland, Prudent Bear
It’s Good to Be Goldman - The Nation

Oil falls to below $97 after weeks of strong gains - AP
Gold eases as stocks retreat, dollar strengthens - Reuters
The great fake rally of 2013 - Fleckenstein, MSN Money
Here’s the Source of the Money Pouring Into Stocks - CNBC
A Reluctant Bear’s Guide to the Universe - Hussman Funds
Is the Secular Bear Market Coming to an End? - The Big Picture
Screwtape Looks at Silver Vault Inventories - Screwtape Files
China to raise Gold reserves to 3% of forex reserves - BullionStreet
Fund managers’ ardour for gold cools as economic fears recede - Reuters
How The Job Market & The Fed Affect Gold Prices - GoldSilverWorlds

A Million Jobs at Stake - NY Times
As auto sales soar, so do prices - MarketWatch
UK economy ‘back in growth mode again’ - Telegraph
Beware governments’ post-doping malaise - Business Spectator
Japan Finance Minister Models Policy After 1930s Stimulus - Bloomberg
Rise in Oil Tax Forces Greeks to Face Cold as Ancients Did - NY Times
China’s non-manufacturing activity grows further - China Daily
No-money-down mortgages are back - MarketWatch
Big money betting big on housing - CNN/Money
Small lenders ride mortgage wave as big banks cut back - Reuters
Former advisor wants Fed to ‘print’ $33 trillion - Voice of Russia
Suppose the Fed Wanted to Create More Inflation…Could They? - On the Economy


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