Tuesday Morning Links

Meet the Fed’s newest voters - CNN/Money
Fed to press ahead with bond buying - MarketWatch
Bernanke Seen Buying $1.14 Trillion in Assets in 2014 - Bloomberg
Mary Jo White as SEC Head Puts Fox In Charge of Hen House - Taibblog
Wall Street to Washington: Cut Deficit Now - CNBC
Automatic spending cuts more likely now - CNN/Money
Bailed-out executives still enjoy hefty compensation from taxpayers - The Hill
Burned-down houses become tombs for Detroit squatters - Motor City Muckraker
Stuck in reverse, Detroit edges closer to bankruptcy - NBC News
Is The ECB Responsible For The Second Coming Of BitCoin? - Zero Hedge
Soaring Debt Precedes Financial Crises… - Azizonomics
States force jobless to pay needless fees - AP

Oil prices trade mixed on eve of Fed meeting - AFP
Gold rallies from 2-1/2 wk low; eyes Fed meeting - Reuters
Triple-Digit Oil in Sight as Global Economy Heals - CNBC
Ten-year Treasury yield tops 2 percent - CNN/Money
Investors blind to weakness in manufacturing - MarketWatch
Remember the Yen Carry Trade? Well, It’s Back - CNBC
Buba’s new era of openness on its gold - Financial Times
Gold imports soar in India as wedding season approaches - Mineweb
The Truth About Gold Price Predictions & Market Forecasts - GoldSilverWorlds
China regulator mulls launch of gold ETFs - MarketWatch

Overeducated and underemployed - CNN/Money
Economists: Economists aren’t politically driven - Washington Post
No, the 90 Percent Debt Threshold Hasn’t Been Proven - Rortybomb
Japan cabinet to approve US$1.02 trillion annual budget - Channel News Asia
Asmussen: ‘German Interest Rates Will Rise Again’ - Spiegel
RBS bonuses spell trouble for Osborne - Financial Times
India cuts interest rates for first time in nine months - BBC
ECB Warns of Risk: Draghi Clashes with Berlin Over Cyprus Aid - Spiegel
Pending Home Sales Fall Due to Dwindling Supply - CNBC
Fannie To Allow Walkaways by On-Time Borrowers - Bloomberg
REO-to-rental model becomes ‘hottest’ emerging asset class - Housing Wire
Timothy Geithner Saved Wall Street, not the Economy - Baker, Huffpost

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