Monday Morning Links

Has Apple peaked? - Economist
US Facing Fresh Financial Shock to Economy - FT
A New Housing Boom? Don’t Count on It - Shiller, NY Times
Shiller: Housing Optimism Is Way Too Premature - Business Insider
Davos Money Men: World Emerges From Doldrums Fretting Relapse - Bloomberg
401(k) breaches undermining retirement security for millions - Washington Post
The Great Central Bank Experiment of Unlimited Cash Time
What Do People Have Less Of Than They Had 40 Years Ago? - Slate
World is right to worry about US debt - Rogoff, FT
Monetary Alchemy, Fiscal Science - Jeff Frankel
Capitulation Everywhere - Hussman Funds
Liquidity Bubble - Noland, Prudent Bear

Oil rises to near $96 ahead of US data - AP
Gold holds near 2-week low ahead of Fed meeting - Reuters
Wait … Normal Markets Really Exist?! - Wall Street Post
This Is What Could Knock Euphoric Global Markets - CNBC
Uh-Oh: NYT’s Front Page Cover Indicator - The Big Picture
Blame China, Fed if commodity boom goes bust - MarketWatch
Hedge Funds Boost Bullish Commodity Bets by Most Since July - Bloomberg
Coxe: “Impossible to conceive of a more bullish long-term backdrop for gold - Mineweb
Repeat of 70′s commodities super-cycle will lift precious metals -
China to introduce gold exchange-traded funds - IANS

Housing to drive economic growth (finally!) - CNN/Money
Why Disability Figures Are Good for Job Market - WSJ
Land Down Under faces Europe-style downturn - MarketWatch
Japan bets on ‘Abenomics’ to boost growth - Reuters
Euro Crisis Seen Reaping Social Toll With Record Jobless - Bloomberg
Britain experiencing ‘worse slump than during Great Depression’ - Telegraph
Tripling in Debt to $1.7 Trillion Drags on Chinese Economy - Bloomberg
Blogger keeps finger on pulse of housing market - LA Times
At Fed, Nascent Debate on When to Slow Asset Buying - NY Times
Bernanke still chasing the elusive recovery - MarketWatch
The Fed knows nothing: Who knew? - Fleckenstein, MSN Money
Thresholds for QE - Calculated Risk

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