Tuesday Morning Links

Japan in ‘aggressive’ growth move - BBC
Further Yen Weakness Unlikely: Japan’s ‘Mr Yen’ - CNBC
Bundesbank chief warns of threat to central bank independence - AFP
Let elderly people ‘hurry up and die’, says Japanese minister - Guardian
Revolutionary Japan is suddenly the centre of world affairs - Telegraph
World Unemployment to Hit Record High in 2013: ILO - CNBC
The Coming Debt Limit Drama: Government Wins, We Lose - Ron Paul
Republicans unveil measure to suspend debt ceiling until May 19 - The Hill
America’s deficits: The problem is more than fiscal - Summers, Washington Post
2012 Financial Report of the US Government - The Aleph Blog
What Is Driving Growth in Government Spending? - FiveThirtyEight
How Big Should Government Be? - Harvard Business Review

Oil prices above $95 a barrel in European trade - AP
Gold edges above $1,690/oz but weak stocks cap gains - Reuters
Investors Most Optimistic on Stocks in 3 1/2 Years in Poll - Bloomberg
Farmland investors talk of possible Iowa bubble - Des Moines Register
‘Strong Dollar’ Is Lie Told in New Currency War - Pesek, Bloomberg
Don’t worry about currency wars - Salmon, Reuters
Peak oil and other fallacies: John Kemp - Reuters
India hikes import tax on gold by 50% - Reuters
Gold Prices “Need to Break $1700″ - BullionVault
States may follow Illinois precious metals act - BullionStreet

Why Stimulus Has Failed - Project Syndicate
A brief history of macro: How we got here - Economist
Housing rebound gives economy more pop - MarketWatch
German Investor Confidence Increases to 2 1/2-Year High - Bloomberg
Budgetary Tourism: Berlin Looks to Athens for Tips on Austerity - Spiegel
Osborne Warned U.K. Credit Rating at Risk as Budget Gap Widens - Businessweek
King Confronts Triple-Dip Risk as Snow Freezes U.K. - Bloomberg
The Year Everyone Was Wrong (Again) About Home Prices - WSJ
Wall St. Foreclosure Buying is Hot Air For New Housing Bubble - Realty Biz News
Home Values Rise in 2012, But Don’t Expect High Appreciation to Continue - Zillow
Geithner’s Bailouts Didn’t Create Our Mess - Bloomberg
Keynesians and Ponzians - Monty Pelerin’s World

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