Friday Morning Links

Japan gets $116bn stimulus boost - BBC
Fed hawks worry about inflation - Reuters
Latest debt ceiling fix-it: IOUs - CNN/Money
New Republican Study head OK with exceeding debt limit - The Hill
The Disastrous Consequences Of Not Raising The Debt Limit - Comstock Partners
Jack Lew had major role at Citigroup when it nearly imploded - Washington Post
Surprise! Printing money is really profitable! - Washington Post
Fed’s Mapmaker Charts Central Bank Rethink - Financial Times
Wake Up Progressives: Trillion Dollar Coin Can Be Game-Changing! - NEP
Meet the Genius Behind the Trillion-Dollar Coin - Wired
A Platinum Coin as Big as the Ritz - New Yorker
Dissention is Overrated - aucontrarian

Oil slips to near $93 as China inflation picks up - AP
Gold slips as stocks ease, dollar regains footing - Reuters
Second terms’ impact on stock market - MarketWatch
Stocks: Earnings season rolls on - CNN/Money
39% of Fund Managers Beat the S&P in 2012 - TBP
Errors Mount at High-Speed Exchanges in New Year - NY Times
Petition for audit of U.S. gold reserve on White House website - Mineweb
Highest Ever One-Day Sales for American Silver Eagles? - Coin Update
Indian gold imports surge amid fears of further duty hikes - Mineweb
Gold bulls come out of hiding - MarketWatch

Trade Deficit Jumps on Pre-Holiday Surge in Imports - Bloomberg
US November Sales Increased Across The Board - Capital Spectator
China’s economic improvement now visible in global markets - Sober Look
Bondholders in Crosshairs as Merkel Travels to Cyprus - Bloomberg
China’s Inflation Accelerates as Chill Boosts Food Prices - Businesweek
Berlusconi Denies Responsibility for Italy Crisis - Bloomberg
231,000 Calif. agents drop license during slump - O.C. Register
New Mortgage Rules: The Reviews Are Now Coming In - WSJ
Beware the Escape Hatch in the New Mortgage Rules - CNBC
Fed’s Bullard Sees Difficulty Tying QE to Economic Levels - Bloomberg
Buffett Says Banks Free of Excess Pose No U.S. Threat - Bloomberg
Fed easing may not be aggressive enough: Kocherlakota - Reuters

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