New Year’s Eve Morning Links

Senate negotiators yet to reach ‘fiscal cliff’ deal - Washington Post
Lawmakers have no bill, no deal and New Year’s Eve on the cliff - Politico
Congress Dysfunction as Deadline Arrives Poses 2013 Risks - Businessweek
The upcoming debt ceiling debate is the next fiscal cliff - CNN/Money
U.S. on Pace for Slowest Decade of Population Growth Since 1930s - Bloomberg
Mozilo Claims He Doesn’t Know What ‘Verified Income’ Is - Taibblog
PIMCO’s Bill Gross: The Year 2013 Will Be the Year of Gold - EPJ
Is Our Austerians Learning? - Krugman, NY Times
On Krugman’s Epiphany - Bruce Krasting
The Year That Was 2012 - Daily Capitalist
Brief Holiday Update - Hussman Funds
2012 in Review - Noland, Prudent Bear

Oil steady as ‘fiscal cliff’ deadline approaches - AP
Gold steadies, heads for 12th annual gain - Reuters
Markets Queazy as Last Trading Day Becomes Cliff Hanger - CNBC
As Deadline Looms, Stocks Poised for a Cliff Dive - Fiscal Times
Stock futures higher as ‘fiscal cliff’ deadline nears - Globe & Mail
Nine Stocks That Were Hammered in 2012 - ABC News
Asia stocks wilt hours before US fiscal cliff hits - AP
Gold in 2013: climb, consolidate or collapse? - Mineweb
Central Banks Accelerated Gold Buying In 2012 - IBT
Gold Extends Longest Streak Since 1920 - Bloomberg

The Keynesian Legacy Unravels - Monty Pelerin’s World
The middle class languishes as the super-rich thrive - LA Times
Will 2013 bring a genuine, no-holds-barred recovery? - Washington Post
Another ho-hum year for the economy likely in 2013 - McClatchy
Merkel warns Germans of tough economic times ahead - BBC
Manufacturing expansion accelerates in China - CNN/Money
Egypt to resume IMF loan talks as reserves dwindle - BBC
Hollande’s 75% Millionaire Tax Rejected in French Court - Bloomberg
2012: The year housing market manipulation paid off - O.C. Housing News
Why Home Prices Are Rising In Some Cities And Falling In Others - Business Insider
Why Isn’t the Thirty-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage at 2.6 Percent? - NY Fed
Did an invisible run on banks kill the economy? - Boston Globe

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