Doomsday Morning Links

US ‘fiscal cliff’ vote abandoned - BBC
Fiscal cliff: D.C.’s Mayan apocalypse - Reuters
Obama vows to press ahead on fiscal cliff solution - AP
The fiscal cliff: Barack Obama’s dual agenda - Economist
Boehner Drops ‘Plan B’ as Budget Effort Turns to Disarray - Bloomberg
Fitch expects ‘Bond Bubble’ carnage when rate cycle turns - Telegraph
U.K. Recovery Weaker Than Estimated as Deficit Widens - Bloomberg
‘Much Worse than Greece’: IMF Demands Partial Default for Cyprus - Spiegel
Glenn Hubbard Took $1200 an Hour to Be Countrywide’s Expert Witness - Taibblog
LIBOR Scandal: Yep, It’s as Bad as We Thought - Time
What the Housing Market Actually Looks Like - FDL
Sound Money vs. Stable Money - The American

Oil drops as US ‘fiscal cliff’ nears - AP
Gold set for worst week since June - Reuters
Wall Street Tense After ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Setback - CNBC
Guess Who’s NOT “Rotating” Out Of Treasurys - Zero Hedge
With Farm Bill Stalled, Milk Prices May Soar - NY Times
If You Bought Greek Bonds in January You Earned 80% - Bloomberg
Bracing for Gold’s Short-term Corrections - Sharps Pixley
Tom Cloud: How to Sell Gold Without Reporting It - Dollar Collapse
Sinclair: Biggest manipulative play in gold ever - Mineweb
Is it the end of road for Gold? No - Commodity Online

The U.S. Labor Market: Status Quo or a New Normal? - NBER
North Dakota Population Booms Amid Low Unemployment - WSJ
Everything You Need To Know About the Economy in 2012 - The Atlantic
Spain 2012 Deficit Slippage Looms as Recession Deepens - Bloomberg
Japan’s emphatic general election: Abe agonistes - Economist
Suspicion of Collusion: Authorities Raid Deutsche Bank Again - Spiegel
168 bids for D.C. house in red-hot real estate market - Washington Post
Why short sales trash your credit - MSN Money
The real meaning of rising home prices - MarketWatch
The Mysterious New Housing Bubble - Counterpunch
Treasuries Demand Sets Record on Global Headwinds, Fed - Bloomberg
Central bankers rethink their devotion to slaying inflation - Reuters

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