Monday Morning Links

Japanese shares rise, yen weakens on Abe win - BBC
Japan’s Abe makes fixing economy top priority - CNN/Money
Deficit deal offers chance for salvation for the 112th Congress - The Hill
Boehner offers debt-ceiling increase in cliff compromise - Washington Post
Funerals begin for Newtown victims as schools confront tragedy - Reuters
‘I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother’: A Mom’s Perspective On Mental Illness - HuffPost
I never knew joy, anger or sadness until I became a parent - Mandelman Matters
Only Idiots Rob Banks: How Inflation Deflated the Stick Up - Billfold
The Federal Reserve Is Buying Time—Why? - CNBC
Roach Motel Monetary Policy - Hussman Funds
In Funds We Trust? - Surowiecki, New Yorker
Hotel California - Noland, Prudent Bear

Oil below $87 as US fiscal concerns drag on - AP
Gold eases for 3rd session as stocks, euro retreat - Reuters
Fiscal cliff, Japan stimulus hopes may give lift - CNN/Money
This Could Be the Week the Market Loses Patience - CNBC
The Economy and Stocks: A Big Disconnect - NY Times
Apple fell below $497 in pre-market trading Monday - Fortune
Moody’s Gets No Respect as Bonds Shun 56% of Country Ratings - Bloomberg
MARK DOW: Here’s Why The Gold Trade Is Finally Going Bust - Business Insider
Reaction to Fed “A Worrying Sign for Gold Prices” - BullionVault
Gold fever strikes German retail investors -

The Dismal State of the Dismal Science - Krugman, NY Times
8 Things That Will Cost You More This Holiday Season - Fiscal Times
Reforming macroeconomics: Borio on the financial cycle - Economist
Japan’s Deflation Battle—Why This Time Is Different - CNBC
Why We’re Ungovernable: Japan “Would Be Manageable, If Only…” - Dollar Collapse
India Forecasts Lowest Growth in Decade, Sees Scope for Rate Cut - Bloomberg
Canada property sales drop but prices stay steady - Globe & Mail
London Property ‘Less Frothy’ as Asking Prices Fall - Bloomberg
Bagholder banks predict big price jumps in 2013 - OC Housing News
BofA’s Moynihan: U.S. Must Rethink Housing Ambitions - Bloomberg
What Does the Monetary Exit Path Look Like? - askblog
Fed Should Peg to P2P Not Unemployment - Gallup

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