Thursday Morning Links

Why the Fed’s Job Program Will Fail - Robert Reich
Fed move: More trouble for bond investors? - MarketWatch
Bernanke Wields New Tools to Reduce Unemployment Rate - Bloomberg
Fed ties stimulus to jobs, inflation in unprecedented steps - NY Times
QE Benefits the Super-Elite and Hurts the Little Guy - Washington’s Blog
U.S. runs $172 billion budget deficit in Nov. - MarketWatch
Fiscal cliff talks appear on verge of impasse - Washington Post
Bernanke: Fiscal Cliff is already inflicting damage - The Hill
Bernanke’s Big Mistake: Crashing the Bond Market - Counterpunch
Next big opportunity: Bond bubble bursting - CNN/Money
Lloyd Blankfein: Bond bubble is looming - Fortune
Ben Bernanke’s War On Senior Citizens - Forbes

Oil falls on weak demand outlook, US talks impasse - AP
Gold drops, Fed move raises concern on stimulus scope - Reuters
Total: Oil Production to Peak at 98M Barrels per Day - Rigzone
Oil Watch: North America Liquid Fuel Production - The Oil Drum
Investors Stay Calm, If Cautious, as Stalemate Simmers - NY Times
PIMCO flagship fund cut mortgages, Treasuries ahead of Fed call - Reuters
Biggest Opportunity Will Be Shorting the Bond Market: Dalio - CNBC
Why Gold is falling and why it will bounce back - Commodity Online
Germans buy more gold on economic uncertainty - Reuters
Gold: It’s Time - QB Asset Management

The Case for the Chained CPI - Moment of Truth
Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave - Dollar Collapse
These Terrifying Long-term Unemployment Charts - The Atlantic
Abe Set to Face Manufacturing Gloom as Japan Contracts - Bloomberg
Euro ministers back next Greece bailout payment - CBS Moneywatch
Euro Rebuilding Vision Fades as Merkel’s Campaign Looms - Bloomberg
Is the World’s Most Expensive Housing Market About to Crash? - Atlantic Cities
Mortgage delinquency rate stuck above 5% - Housing Wire
Bank repossessions hit 9-month high in November - AP
Wall St. critic Warren to join Banking Committee - CNN/Money
Fed Gives Criteria for Rate Increases, Vague on Bond Buying - WSJ
Too Little, Too Late? - Uneasy Money

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