Kevin Phillips on RT News

From the latest edition of Capital Account on RT News (Russia Today) comes this interview with author Kevin Phillips who’s out promoting his new book 1775 - A Good Year for Revolution, a tome that I will soon download and add to my growing collection of Revolutionary War era books.

Oh Dear… At about the 4:20 mark, Mr. Phillips apparently thinks the satire website Skew News story about the U.S. Mint getting rid of the penny and nickel next year was true. It was not, as detailed in their retraction.

Well, he does have other more factually based things to say, notably, how both Democrats and Republicans are not taking the issue of U.S. debt very seriously and that this will have dire consequences. 

Two other Phillips books I can highly recommend are as follows:

Yours truly made a contribution to Bad Money as the chart from How Owners’ Equivalent Rent Duped the Fed, published back in 2007, appeared in it, much to my surprise when I read the book.



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