Thursday Morning Links

S&P cuts Greece to ‘selective default’ - AP
Eurozone in Recession as Trade, Spending Drop - Bloomberg
Obama, Boehner talk; Geithner prepared to go off “cliff” - Reuters
Raising the debt limit complicates deficit talks - The Hill
How far over the ‘fiscal cliff’ could they go? - AP
“Fiscal cliff” would hit New Yorkers with $43B taxes - Reuters
The Democrats and the fiscal cliff: Not much on the table - Economist
Briefing for Congress on the Fiscal Cliff: Lessons from the 1930s - Debt Watch
Cancelling central banks’ holdings of government debt could be useful - FT Alphaville
Welcome to the Third World, Part 10: Students Become Strippers - Dollar Collapse
Fitch: China wealth-management products spell danger - Marketwatch
Jeremy Grantham, Starving for Facts - The American

Oil rises above $88 despite ample US oil stocks - AP
Gold steadies near one-month low ahead of ECB decision - Reuters
Will U.S. oil consumption continue to decline? - Econbrowser
EIA forecast: A massive spike in U.S. tight oil output - Sober Look
Where does Apple stock go from here? - CNN/Money
Why Goldman Sachs sees gold topping out soon… - Bullionvault
Selling Gold On Goldman’s Call? Take A Page From George Costanza - Forbes
Decline in gold price attracts physical buyers in Asia - Mineweb
Central Bank Gold Purchases to Top 500 Tons This Year - Resource Investor
Morgan Stanley Backs Gold, Corn, Beans as Best Picks in 2013 - Businessweek

Raise the Economy’s Speed Limit - NY Times
Krugman Isn’t (Quite) Right About Austrian Economics - CNBC
Why Obama Can’t Bring Back the 90s Economic Boom - Fiscal Times
Bank of England leaves QE program on pause - MarketWatch
Will the UK lose its AAA, and does it matter? - BBC
Record Greek jobless rate highest in euro zone in September - Reuters
German Manufacturing Orders Surge in Sign of Resilience - Bloomberg
Short Sales of Homes Surge as Tax Break to Expire - Bloomberg
New Foreclosures Plummet, but Fall Is Temporary - CNBC
There’s a home price recovery, but it’s really slow - CNN/Money
Wall Street Job Reductions Seen Persisting After Citigroup Cuts - Bloomberg
Quantitative Easing: The Monetary Policy Of the Adolescent - RCM

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