Friday Morning Links

Obama takes fiscal cliff on the road - Reuters
Boehner rejects Obama’s opening bid - The Hill
The White House’s fiscal cliff proposal - Washington Post
Effects of the Fiscal Cliff in 2013 and Beyond - Macroadvisers
After a bashing, BOJ weighs “big bang” war on deflation - Reuters
Eurozone unemployment rate hits new high in October - BBC
Germany gives green light to Greek debt deal - CBS News
Brazil GDP Grows at Half Forecasted Pace, Investment Dives - Bloomberg
Special Report: Greeks rage against pension calamity - Reuters
The Stunning Cost of Bad Economic Ideas in the 1930s and Today - The Atlantic
Avoiding a New American Recession - Feldstein, Project Syndicate
Gold: Solution to the Banking Crisis - Sprott Global

Oil falls as traders and investors take profits - AP
Gold firms, set for narrowly positive November - Reuters
Expect ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Sell-Off on Friday - CNBC
How I’m investing for the rest of 2012 - MarketWatch
Equity and bond markets: Burying the “Fed model” - Economist
Copper Shortage Seen Extending as China Accelerates - Bloomberg
Silver price may test $50/oz in 2013: Thomson Reuters GFMS - Mineweb
Gold Futures hits new daily trade volume record on Comex - BullionStreet
Wholesale Gold Inventories Evaporating - Dollar Collapse
China’s new gold exchange platform to bow - MarketWatch

The Myth of Austerity - Mises
Monetarists at the Gate: Krugman Vs Austrian School - CNBC
Hyperinflation and the Pernicious Myth of MMT - Jesse’s Cafe
Greeks turn to the forests for fuel as winter nears - Guardian
India Growth Matching 3-Year Low Pressures Policy - Bloomberg
Hong Kong Parking Costs $387K as Cash Moves From Homes - Bloomberg
Fed grows upbeat on West’s housing - O.C. Register
Pending Home Sales Surge to Five Year High - CNBC
Home Prices Seen Dropping 10% in U.S. on Foreclosures - Bloomberg
Is it a sin for the central bank to help reduce debt? - Mainly Macro
Dudley Sees Unacceptable Joblessness as More QE Weighed - Bloomberg
Monetary policy: QE through the looking glass - Economist


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    [...] news cycle that is, essentially, “All Fiscal Cliff, All the Time” and, as shown in the links post from a short time ago, this website is no exception. All the attention is understandable as the [...]

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