Friday Morning Links

Euro banking deal fails to impress markets - AP
Compromise deal on eurozone bank supervisor - BBC
EU leaders agree on ‘fiscal facility’, eye budget union - Telegraph
Black Monday Echoes With Computers Failing to Restore Confidence - Bloomberg
The Computer Lesson From 1987 That Is Still Unlearned - NY Times
Toyota Prius Dominates California as State’s No. 1 Model - Bloomberg
Political standoff has US on path to ‘fiscal cliff’ - Channel News Asia
CEOs warn Obama, Congress to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’ - Washington Post
Wall Street executives urges action on fiscal cliff - The Hill
Greg Smith: Goldman’s Transactions ‘Morally Ambiguous’ - HuffPost
Goldman Sachs hits back at Greg Smith - CNN/Money
A Simpler Way to End Too Big to Fail - Bloomberg

Oil down slightly ahead of EU summit conclusion - AP
Gold heads for second weekly loss as euro, stocks fall - Reuters
Google releases earnings prematurely, triggers sell-off - LA Times
Get ready to buy stocks after a market crash - MarketWatch
Billionaire Frank Giustra: Gold will be the final bubble -
Australian gold exports to China surge over 900%, iron ore sinks 5% -
Gold Imports by India Seen Climbing First Time in Six Quarters - Bloomberg
Will silver see a major supply squeeze and massive price increase? - Mineweb
Central banks’ actions create a catalyst for Gold in Q3 - BullionStreet
Bill Gross: buy gold, bonds are in a bubble - MoneyWeek

The War Over Economic Facts - Businessweek
Goldman on housing and the consumer - FT Alphaville
Pay attention to the BLS website today - Washington Post
Seasonal Adjustments Can’t Smooth Out Everything - WSJ
China’s Foreign Direct Investment inflow continues to drop - xinhuanet
China Third-Quarter Data Gets Skepticism From Standard Chartered - Bloomberg
Yahoo to exit South Korea in first Asian pullout - Reuters
Eyeing huge market, Starbucks opens first India store - CNN/Money
Central Valley leads nation – again – in foreclosures - CVBT
A Recovering Housing Market is Great News for Too-Big-To-Fail Banks - Time
The Fed Falls to Inconsistent and Contradictory Depths - Real Clear Markets
The Only Game in Town - Project Syndicate

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