Tuesday Morning Links

IMF: Slow growth, big risks - CNN/Money
IMF Sees ‘Alarmingly High’ Risk of Deeper Slump - Bloomberg
Greece raises security for Angela Merkel’s Athens visit - BBC
Draghi says Greece must do more on reforms - Reuters
The Inflation Monster: How Monetary Policy Threatens Savings - Spiegel
Europe Starts $648B ESM Aid Fund, Rules Out Immediate Use - Bloomberg
Moody’s assigns Aaa to ESM with negative outlook - xinhuanet
Why California’s gas prices are going haywire - Washington Post
Depositors Fleeing Euro Get Negative Rates at State Street - Bloomberg
Decline, decay, denial, delusion, & despair - The Burning Platform
Signs Of The Gold Standard Are Emerging…Worldwide - Forbes
Taking Hard New Look at a Greenspan Legacy - NY Times

Oil rebounds on jitters about supplies - AP
Gold set for third day of losses as dollar firms - Reuters
Brent, WTI Gap at Widest Since Last October - WSJ
Iraq Poised to Become World’s Largest Oil Exporter: IEA - CNBC
Fiscal cliff is ‘ticking time bomb’ for stocks - CNN/Money
Gross’s Burning Bond Market Fails to Frighten Investors - Reuters
Bear market may begin today on anniversary of two trend changes - MarketWatch
Precious Metals ETFs Attract $1.2B; GLD Adds $728M - HAI
Does China need to buy more gold? - China Daily
Where can I buy silver? - CNN/Money

The downside of an older workforce - MarketWatch
Barack Obama 2012 = Ronald Reagan 1984? - Washington Post
How Much Trust Should We Have in Economic Data? - Fiscal Times
Europe and Britain sinking under weight of welfare costs - Telegraph
As China’s growth slows, North American markets take a hit - Globe & Mail
Rajoy’s Deepening Budget Black Hole Outpaces Spain’s Cuts - Bloomberg
The Renminbi Challenge - Eichengreen, Project Syndicate
Spain Foreclosures Spread to Once Wealthy - Bloomberg
Ireland moving to cancel mortgage debt - Brisbane Times
Housing Fever Can Work Both Ways - Shiller, NY Times
How Neither Party Wants to Break Up the Biggest Banks - HuffPost
How a Fed inflation hawk changed his mind - Reuters

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