A New User Interface for Subscribers at Iacono Research

Note that, later today, we will be switching over to a new user interface for users of the subscription portion of this website. The change is expected to occur overnight between 12am-6am ET and there should be little or no downtime as a result.

Once the upgrade is complete, there will be an improved user experience upon sign up and login.  New and current subscribers, when logging in or signing up, will now see a new tab/window open with a login/signup page, and then be redirected back to Iacono Research as logged in subscribers. 

Subscribers will also have access to the following new features:

  • Account management (subscribers can edit their registered info, such as email address)
  • Billing management (subscribers can update their billing info)
  • Subscription management (subscribers can upgrade/cancel their plans)
  • Email alert settings management (subscribers can edit their content alert settings)

All existing subscribers will be automatically migrated to the new platform and will NOT have to do anything.

Though no problems are expected, anyone experiencing any difficulties can use the Contact link at the top of website (http://iaconoresearch.com/contact-us/) or send mail to support-at-iaconoresearch.com.

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