Wednesday Morning Links

Pressure mounts on ECB for action - Globe & Mail
Bank of England to cut growth forecast to zero - The Independent
Bank of England in no rush for more stimulus despite bleak economy - Reuters
Indigestion for ‘les Riches’ in a Plan for Higher Taxes - NY Times
France to fall back into recession says central bank - BBC
S&P lowers ratings outlook on Greece, likely to need more funding - Washington Post
Calls to scrap ethanol mandate intensify with drought - CNN/Money
Bernanke: low rates still needed to help economic recovery - Reuters
Recession Generation Opts to Rent Not Buy Houses to Cars - Bloomberg
Libor, Naked and Exposed - Gensler, NY Times
How Long for Low Rates? - Rogoff, Project Syndicate
A Matter of Trust - Part II - The Burning Platform

Oil prices slip on profit-taking - AP
Gold eases as risk appetite wanes - Reuters
Watch out for a correction — or worse - MarketWatch
Is this Rally Just a Set-Up for a Bigger ‘Collapse’? - CNBC
China Reforms Fail to End Stocks’ Bad Run - Financial Times
Chart of the day, high frequency trading edition - Salmon, Reuters
Gas prices climb 30 cents a gallon - CNN/Money
Gold rush in India? Government steps in again - Mineweb
The faulty price discovery mechanism in Silver - Commodity Online
Gold popular again despite worries over Indian monsoon - BullionStreet

Four Risks That Could Derail Recovery - WSJ
Americans Chip Away at Credit Card Debt - Reuters
What’s In A Recovery? Beware The Flawed Statistic of GDP - Forbes
Global slump risk falls as world money rebounds - Telegraph
Yuan Weakness Reflects Economic Reality in China - CNBC
ECB’s Rescue Worsens Spain, Italy Maturity Crunch - Bloomberg
Settlement Fails To Force Mortgage Companies To Improve - HuffPost
Recovery or Not, Home Prices Keep Rising - WSJ
In a Twist, Both Home Prices and Rents Rise - CNBC
Fed should buy as many bonds as necessary: Rosengren - Reuters
The Fed, in Trying Not to Be Political, Is Political - Businesweek
The Fed on the ballot - Economist

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