Tuesday Morning Links

Boston Fed Official Calls for Bond Buying - WSJ
Bernanke: Economic data masking Americans’ struggles - LA Times
Italy sinks deeper into recession, Monti’s problems swell - Globe & Mail
Buying Bonds against the Crisis: How the ECB Plans to Use Its Bazooka - Spiegel
Germany and Italy near blows over euro and EU debt policies - Telegraph
John Cochrane, The Grumpy Economist, Meets The Gold Standard - Forbes
Goldman Presents: Every Fiscal Cliff Scenario In One Brilliant Chart - Business Insider
Commentary: Another reason to fear the fiscal cliff - CNN/Money
Why Are Investors Fleeing Equities? It’s Not the Computers - NY Times
Are Ron Paul’s Competing Currencies the Monetary Answer? - RCM
Nearly Half Of Americans Die Without Money, Study Finds - HuffPost
Gold, Price Stability & Credit Bubbles - Azizonomics

Oil prices extend gains; Brent above $110 - AFP
Gold climbs in line with euro, stocks - Reuters
The Fragility of the US Markets - HuffPost
Stock Market Rally ‘Totally Irrational’ - CNBC
Stocks go for three straight gains - CNN/Money
No end in sight for Bakken oil boom - UPI
Earnings Beats May Not Be as Impressive as They First Appear - Reuters
Bart Chilton Informs the Press About the ‘Erroneous Report’ on Silver - Jesse’s Cafe
CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton Comments on the Silver Investigation - Motley Fool
Precious Metals Short-Term Outlook is Bullish - Resource Investor

Conference Board Strikes Cautious Tone on Employment Data - WSJ
A Slowdown in Growth, an Increase in Income Inequality - NY Times
China’s doubling-down continues, via local governments - FT Alphaville
‘Greece Should Leave’ Patience with Athens Nearing an End in Germany - Spiegel
‘Attack on Democracy’: Monti Comments Enrage German Politicians - Spiegel
Is This the End of the Housing Bust? Not So Fast, Says Shiller - WSJ
Real estate’s high end is finally getting whacked - OC Housing News
Why Private Investors Are Staying Away From Mortgages - CNBC
Chase offers no doc refis, principal reduction - Housing Wire
Negative interest rates spell final defeat for savers - Telegraph
When Quantitative Easing Finally Fails - Gregor
Is the Election Holding Back the Fed? - Fed Watch

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