Back in a Few…

Well, you know what they say - “when the going gets tough, the tough go camping”.

We are again headed off into the great outdoors for the next few days, during which time, I don’t imagine that the situation in Europe will get any better, what with inspectors arriving in Greece today to hear details about how the nation needs a third bailout and with Spain teetering toward the rising-bond-yield-abyss, that is, if they haven’t already entered the abyss where Greece, Ireland, and Portugal now reside. 

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Given all the heat we’ve had this summer - yes, here too it’s been unusually warm this month with highs many days in the low-90s rather than the mid-80s - it’s pretty impressive that some of that winter snow could still be hanging around as shown above in a picture that was taken just last week when scouting out this area. That particular snow sits at about 10,000 feet and that’s a big reason why it all hasn’t melted. Nonetheless, just looking at snow this summer seems to keep you just a little bit cooler.

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