Friday Morning Links

ECB ready to act ‘where needed’ - BBC
Central banks reach for their guns over Greek vote - Reuters
Central Banks Warn Greek-Led Euro Stress Threatens World - Businessweek
Why Joint Central Bank Action Is Unlikely and Won’t Work - CNBC
The EU Smiled While Spain’s Banks Cooked the Books - Bloomberg
Moody’s downgrades ratings of 5 Dutch banks - AP
Bank of England moves to boost British economy - CNN/Money
Reagan’s PR Director ‘Our Political System Is Basically Dysfunctional’ - Spiegel
Positioning For The Weekend: BofA’s Risk Cheat-Sheet - Zero Hedge
Debt and Deficit: A Public Opinion Dilemma - Pew Research
Where Paul Krugman, Keynes are vulnerable - MarketWatch
Dangerous being short? - The Big Picture

Oil edges above $84 on hopes for global stimulus - AP
Gold holds above $1,620/oz ahead of Greek vote - Reuters
Wall of worry remains quite strong - MarketWatch
Markets on edge of seat before Greek vote - Globe & Mail
OPEC to leave oil production unchanged - CNN/Money
Fear of dollar collapse will make Chinese biggest Gold buyers - BullionStreet
Indian gold ETF and e-gold investment swell as rupee remains weak - Mineweb
Two Questions About Gold, Gold Mining Shares, and QE - Tocqueville Gold
Gold Traders Bullish as Hedge Funds Increase Wagers - Bloomberg
Gold hedging now just for project finance - GFMS - Mineweb

Inflation likely to continue to fall - CNN/Money
Uncertain times, again, for U.S. economy - MarketWatch
Cost to Raise a Child: Around $300,000, Not Including College - WSJ
Why Greek People Are Voting For Leftist Syriza - CNBC
The Bank of England’s Zombie Economy - WSJ
Ex-Soros Adviser: Japan May Default by 2017 - Bloomberg
Canadian housing market headed for a correction, BoC says - Vancouver Sun
Spring selling season blooms for California: DataQuick - Housing Wire
Foreclosure Spike Is Positive Sign For Housing - CNBC
Fed Board Members Gave Their Own Banks $4 Trillion in Bailouts - AllGov
Helicopter money, Inflation targets and Quantitative Easing - mainly macro
Bernanke Confronts Fizzling Recovery - Bloomberg

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