Tuesday Morning Links

Spain and Italy borrowing costs rise - BBC
Lack of detail on Spain rescue spooks investors - AP
Spanish Bailout Shows Europe Still Doesn’t Get It - Bloomberg
Austrian minister says Italy too may need bailout - Reuters
This latest euro fix will come apart in less than a month - Telegraph
The World from Berlin Spain Bailout ‘Won’t Buoy Sentiment for Long’ - Spiegel
Don’t Jump Yet—Congress May Avoid the Fiscal Cliff - Fiscal Times
Americans saw wealth plummet 40 percent from 2007 to 2010 - Washington Post
Facing European sanctions, China defends its import of Iran oil - AP
As state revenues recover, health costs remain a burden - Washington Post
How to Rein In a $3 Trillion Rogue Pension Elephant - Forbes
Counting on an Inheritance? Count Again. - WSJ

Oil hits 8-month low as Spain optimism fades - AP
Gold Drops on Europe Debt-Crisis Concern - Bloomberg
The significance of 200-day moving average - MarketWatch
More OPEC Oil? Saudi Minister al-Naimi’s Vienna Jog May Provide Clues - CNBC
Confronting High-Frequency Trading: David vs. Goliath’s Evil Twin - HuffPost
Bond Bubble Dismissed as Low Yields Echo Pimco’s New Normal - Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs sees $1,840/oz Gold, $30.70/oz Silver in 6 months - Commodity Online
Global central banks bought 70.3 tons of Gold in April - BullionStreet
Spanish Bank Bailout Sets Up $2,000 Gold & $60 Silver - Resource Investor
Gold in Bear Territory, Upside Capped at $1,700: Charts - CNBC

The End of the Middle Class - EconomPicData
How the Great Recession changed us - MSN Money
Small Business Owners in ‘Holding Pattern’: Survey - CNBC
India’s industrial output grows less than forecast - BBC
Europe must not subcontract their destiny to the Bundebank - Telegraph
Pulling Plug on Greece Sells in German Town Opposing Merkel Plan - Bloomberg
Civil service remains a dream job for many Chinese - China Daily
Canadians outpace all other foreign buyers in U.S. real estate market - Globe & Mail
Millennials Choosing To Rent, Avoiding Purchases In The Housing Market - HuffPost
CoreLogic: Negative equity props up home prices - Housing Wire
Fed purchases of government debt: Flow-share versus stock-share - macroblog
Fed’s Williams Says Europe Poses Threat to Global Stability - Bloomberg
Banks are an Endangered Species - Azizonomics

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