And … We Are Back

We are back from our East Coast trip that, by and large, went off without a hitch, however, a return to cooler climes here in Montana (it snowed yesterday, but it’s supposed to be back in the 70s by mid-week) seems to have reinvigorated a common cold that was fading fast as we drove westward. As such, another day of rest would appear to be in order and, if all goes well, a return to the normal fare here will occur tomorrow. 

Here’s a snapshot of the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg where we stayed for a few days (no, we didn’t stay in the palace, that is, unless you call the Holiday Inn a palace):

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We had been there before, but the whole Jamestown-Williamsburg-Yorktown circuit had a special appeal this time around, presumably because as you get older you develop a broader appreciation of history. We didn’t finish Washington, A Life, but got far enough through it to learn about the battle at Yorktown through Washington’s eyes and some fascinating details about it (e.g., Cornwallis sent captured slaves with small pox across the front lines and, along with 400 troops, Alexander Hamilton led the final assault on a British redoubt in what was his only military command).


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