Are There Unwanted Pests in Your Attic?

Do you hear scurrying and squeaking noises from the attic? They may be worrying signs that your attic is infested with unwelcomed guests. Attics and lofts are most surely the most comfortable places for gnawing wildlife to make their homes, especially in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Why do pests choose the attic?

Attics are storage areas that have the right temperature for the rodents and other wildlife to thrive, and they have low traffic and foot falls, which is also very ideal for rats, squirrels and birds.

These animals, in course of time, have become somewhat dependent on humans for nourishment and shelter. They can live without people, but we make is so easy for them that they prefer our homes. Even if you take good care of and maintain your house, the chances of an infestation by rodents and other wildlife is still something that is a possibility.

In some areas of any town, particularly those near restaurants or overgrown properties, having a problem with pests is almost unavoidable. So don’t be under an impression that if there are rats, mice, squirrels, or raccoons coming into a home that it is an indication of bad housekeeping!

Responsibility for pest control

There is a major controversy among real estate people as to whether the financial burden of the costs of pest control services are to be born by the landlord or by the tenant. The controversy can be rested in favor of the tenant, because if the landlord pays to have a pest control company come in, it is only an addition to the premium value of his property. Of course, a majority of the landlords think that the pests are there because the tenant is being careless with his housekeeping!

In some states, if you are seen removing bats, squirrels, or raccoons from your home by trapping and killing them or exterminating them, you can be heavily fined. The correct approach is to capture them physically in non-snap traps and leave them free in the woods far away from your home. Even with that, some states do not allow trap and release of specific animals. Each state’s laws are different so you should check to see what your state and local laws say and allow for.

Bee and wasp removal

Bees, wasps, and other insects like ants and termites can be exterminated by using pesticides and a special chemical formulation that is prescribed for the use of pest control by the federal departments. However, poisoning honey bees is a definite no-no because it can cause a health hazard to human beings. The hive that is poisoned may be used by other bees and the honey so produced can get mixed with the poison.

The old adage that prevention is better than cure is still true. Regularly checking to see if pests are getting in, and maintaining hygiene and sanitation is paramount. Bees and wasps can sting and rodents carry diseases and can cause life threatening illnesses.

Organized and clean attic

Keep attic clean

Keep the attic as decluttered as possible, storing only what you will immediately need. If you are storing food in your attic then you will need to be extra cautious that rats or mice are not getting into or have access to it. Wiring, drywall, and switches need to be regularly checked for any gnawing or damage that can lead to a fire hazard.

Professional help is always recommended to keep a home pest free. Signing a contract with Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control - Tampa rodent control, will allow the company to visit a home regularly can help to save from excessive repairs and bills later. It will be a small investment for your health and the health of your loved ones.