Monday Morning Links

G20 plans response as food prices climb - Reuters
Hedge Funds Capitulate on European Shorts - Bloomberg
Italian public debt hits record high - Globe & Mail
Germany to block Greek aid if country misses targets - Telegraph
King Says European Debt Crisis Has ‘No Obvious End in Sight’ - Bloomberg
NY Fed: Short-Selling Bans Did Little To Stabilize Stocks - HuffPost
Problems Riddle Moves to Collect Credit Card Debt - NY Times
Welcome to the Third World: Bye Bye, Public Services - Dollar Collapse
US fiscal cliff another Y2K, claim UBS analysts - Telegraph
Social Security’s long-term funding gap exceeds $30 trillion - Washington Post
The Fed’s inflation ‘solution’ - Fleckenstien, MSN Money
Begging for Trouble - Hussman Funds

Oil prices rise solidly; Brent hits three-month high - AFP
Gold climbs as dollar wilts, stimulus hopes simmer - Reuters
Shale oil everywhere … at least for a while - FT Alphaville
How long can Japanese bond prices defy gravity? - Econbrowser
Stock Prices Rose by 5% in Two Weeks – Guess Why? - Uneasy Money
Newcrest says plans to spend A$5 billion to raise gold output - Reuters
China urged to increase Gold reserves six fold - BullionStreet
‘India investment education drive could upset Gold prices’ - Commodity Online
On Gold’s Recent Resilience - Zero Hedge
Platinum:gold ratio falls further - Mineweb

Deflation Probabilities on Our Radar Screen - macroblog
Five years on, the Great Recession is turning into a life sentence - Telegraph
China consumers counter economy gloom with travel boom - Reuters
Japan’s economic growth weakens sharply - MarketWatch
Greek GDP sinks as crisis batters economy - Bloomberg
BoE’s Posen calls for new financial instruments - Reuters
Minnesota Housing market heats up - prices up, inventories down - DL-Online
SNB Seen Targeting Bank Capital to Curb Property Boom - Bloomberg
Where is Canada’s Housing Market Heading This Summer? - Virtual Strategy
Yellen Must Show How 12 Fed Opinions Become One Policy - Bloomberg
How Andrew Jackson Killed the Second Bank of the United States - Jesse’s Cafe
Greenspan’s Silver Anniversary - aucontrarian