The Weekend Update is Now Available

The latest issue of the Iacono Research Weekend Update has been posted to the website and is now available for subscribers here. There were no changes to the model portfolio or the buy ratings this week but the current issue takes a close look at the performance of mining shares in the model portfolio and examines the ongoing covered call sales, offering a preview of what lies ahead later this month in these discussion topics:

The executive summary is as follows:

As optimism over the latest European sovereign debt/bank rescue plan began to fade, markets were buoyed by action taken by central banks in China, London, and Brussels to stimulate economic growth amid new warnings from the IMF about a global slowdown. But, another weak U.S. labor report dashed investor sentiment and risk assets such as equities moved lower.

The natural resource sector also succumbed to late-week selling, however, agricultural goods were the exception to the rule as they continue to outperform. Energy markets ended little changed while precious metals gave back most of the prior week’s gains and the model portfolio fell 0.8 percent, now down 1.8 percent for the year.