Tuesday Morning Links

German Dominance in Doubt after Summit Defeat - Spiegel
ECB expected to cut, may take more to sustain markets - Reuters
Morgan Stanley Pushed S&P to Boost Ratings, Investors Say - Bloomberg
After abuse like this, the bankers should be locked up - Telegraph
Crisis and recovery: The Iceland question - Economist
California lawmakers pass historic foreclosure protections - LA Times
The Smartest Man is a Firedancer - Wien, Blackstone
Global Economic Decline Is Here, Now - Daily Capitalist
The real national security threat: America’s debt - LA Times
Crisis forces “dismal science” to get real - Reuters
Mitt Romney and the New Gilded Age - Robert Reich
Anatomy of a Bear - Hussman Funds

Oil rises above $84 amid Iran sanctions - AP
Gold surges on prospects of policy easing - Reuters
BRICs Now Priced for Economic Meltdown - Bloomberg
Oil patch searches for customers as inventories soar - Globe & Mail
More on Goldman Sachs and the relevance of safe assets - FT Alphaville
Silver and Financial Markets Are Manipulated, But So What? - Jesse’s Cafe
Barclays, Commerzbank still bullish on gold medium to long term - Commodity Online
Gold Mining Stocks Are An Increasingly Attractive Opportunity - Forbes
India again cuts Gold, Silver tariff value - BullionStreet
Silver Futures May Rise 25% on Double Bottom - Bloomberg

Recession now much more likely - MarketWatch
Is Manufacturing Slowing or Shrinking? - WSJ
Spain’s jobless level falls by 100,000 in June - BBC
Eurozone Banks Dump Bad Paper on Taxpayers - Dollar Collapse
Dealing with a double whammy in China - Xie, MarketWatch
The World From Berlin ‘Merkel Blackmailed Pretty Brutally’ - Spiegel
Wen Eases Off as China’s Cities Seek to Revive Home Sales - Bloomberg
China Real-Estate Market Shows Improvement - WSJ
Slowing foreclosures will harm housing market - SF Gate
What John Roberts and Ben Bernanke Really Have in Common - EconLog
Bernanke to testify on outlook on July 17: report - MarketWatch
There’s Something Rotten in Banking - Bloomberg
Manufacturing Turns South - Fed Watch