Friday Morning Links

World markets hit by Bernanke, Spain - CNN/Money
China cuts rates, fuel price in new stimulus moves - AP
Spain set to request aid for banks this weekend - Reuters
Spain: It’s beginning to look a lot like … Greece - Globe & Mail
U.S. rating faces 2013 cut if no credible plan: Fitch - Reuters
Bernanke gives little hint that Fed plans action to spur hiring - Washington Post
Fed’s Janet Yellen Warns Against ‘Downward Spiral’ - Businessweek
Young adults skip health care as medical debts rise - CNN/Money
Wall Street and Republicans team up to curb CFTC - Reuters
Central Banks Dither Today, Panic Tomorrow - Dollar Collapse
Reagan Was a Keynesian - Krugman, NY Times
The Fiasco of Fiat Money - Mises

Oil below $83 after Fed gives no stimulus hint - AP
Gold extends losses after Fed disappoints - Reuters
The Q Ratio and Market Valuation - Advisor Perspectives
Stock Market On Life Support - Comstock Partners
Commodities Drop on Concern of Slowdown in China, U.S. - Bloomberg
Gold needs to regain $1,600 to boost market confidence - Commodity Online
Soros back buying gold, Gartman positive on gold and gold stocks - Mineweb
‘The End Is Not Near, It Is Here and Now’ – Jim Sinclair - GoldCore
Bernanke Speaks, Gold Prices Fall… - BullionVault

Household net worth jumps $2.8 trillion - Fortune
U.S. debt load falling at fastest pace since 1950s - MarketWatch
CEOs Lose Optimism as Job Slowdown Imperils U.S. Growth - Bloomberg
Consumer credit increase once again comes from student loans - Sober Look
The world economy is in grave danger. A lot depends on one woman - Economist
As Grain Piles Up, India’s Poor Still Go Hungry - NY Times
Spain too big for EU rescue fund as China recoils - Telegraph
UK banks sitting on £40bn of undeclared losses - Telegraph
Capital Flight Leaves Banks in Germany Awash in Deposits - Bloomberg
Home Buyers and Sellers Hitting Pause, Fannie Mae Survey Finds - WSJ
Bernanke to Congress: You Can Help the Economy Too, You Know - Bloomberg
What Bernanke Is Trying to Tell the Markets - El Erian, HuffPost
Bernanke’s Disappointing Testimony - Economists View