Monday Morning Links

French, Greek voters reject austerity - Washington Post
Look for a ‘Grexit’ Following Elections: Citibank - CNBC
Hollande win, Greek deadlock – the analysts react - FT Alphaville
Hollande Signals Return of France as Complicated Ally for West - Bloomberg
Francois Hollande has ten weeks to avert a French bond crisis - Telegraph
‘Civilized People Don’t Buy Gold’: Berkshire’s Munger - CNBC
Why Can’t Obama Bring Wall Street to Justice? - Daily Beast
California jobless face federal benefits cutoff - AP
Lessons from the Paul vs. Paul Debate -
Those Revolting Europeans - Krugman, NY Times
Krugman Finally Wins the Argument - Dollar Collapse
Revenge of Risk Off? - Noland, Prudent Bear
Unbalanced Risk - Hussman Funds
Renting Prosperity - WSJ

Oil drops below $98 on US demand, Europe votes - AP
Gold slips as Europe elections hurt the euro, stocks - Reuters
Stock Trading Is Still Falling After ’08 Crisis - NY Times
This Week: Get Ready for a Wild Ride on Wall St. - Reuters
Paulson Hedge Fund Said to Extend Slump With April Loss - Bloomberg
Investors Bail on Risk Assets After French, Greek Elections - CNBC
Hedge Funds Bet Wrong Before Biggest Slump Since October - Bloomberg
David Stockman’s investment model - ABCD (anything Bernanke can’t destroy) - Mineweb
India govt rolls back Gold duties, may boost domestic demand - Commodity Online
All the gold and silver roads now leading to China - Mineweb
Traders eye gold stocks, warily - MarketWatch

Job disability a headache for recovery - Reuters
Keynesian vs Austrian debate hotting up - GoldMoney
The Inflation’s In The Poverty - Gregor
Rents soar as foreclosure victims, young workers seek housing - LA Time
Europe has reached a watershed moment and leaders need to refocus - Telegraph
China’s home prices fall for 8th month, signaling stable market - xinhuanet
Australia the most ‘obvious’ bubble in 30 years - Financial Post
Look Who’s Pushing Homeowners Off the Foreclosure Cliff - Bloomberg
Pimco fund manager who sold at the peak just bought a house - OC Housing News
Lehman E-Mails Show Wall Street Arrogance Led to the Fall - Bloomberg
Federal Reserve draws legislative fire from both sides of the aisle - The Hill
‘Battle of the beards’: Paul Krugman vs. Ben Bernanke - Washington Post
Yes, the Fed could produce a higher inflation rate - Econbrowser
On the Odds of an Ease - Bruce Krasting