The Weekend Update is Now Available

The latest issue of the Iacono Research Weekend Update has been posted to the website and is now available for subscribers here. There was one change to the model portfolio, but no changes to the buy ratings, and the executive summary is as follows:

After rising to the highest level since 2007 on Tuesday, U.S. equity markets turned in their worst week of the year and demand for safe haven assets rose sharply after more indications of slowing growth emerged in the U.S. and the ongoing recession in Europe worsened ahead of important elections this weekend. The stock market slide was exacerbated by nary a sign of any additional support coming from either the Federal Reserve or the European Central Bank.

Energy markets also experienced their worst week of selling in 2012 as the price of WTI crude oil plunged back below the important $100 a barrel mark, pacing broad-based declines in the natural resource sector. While the silver price tumbled along with most other commodities, gold saw only modest selling and mining stocks were mixed as the model portfolio fell 1.5 percent, now up 2.9 percent for the year.

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