Monday Morning Links

Global labour market ‘alarming’ - BBC
More Misery to Come for Spanish Banks - WSJ
Spain in recession as austerity bites - Reuters
Europe’s Anti-Austerity Calls Mount as Elections Near - Bloomberg
France and the Netherlands resist the European consensus - Economist
Hollande’s ‘Growth Bloc’ spells end of German hegemony in Europe - Telegraph
Exclusive: China mulls guarantees for ships carrying Iran oil - Reuters
U.K. Doctors back denial of treatment for smokers and the obese - Guardian
U.S. Perfecting Formula for Budget Failure, Says Bowles - Bloomberg
Getting Out, Part One: Americans Renouncing Citizenship - Dollar Collapse
Shiller: We Are in Age of ‘Late Great Depression’ - CNBC
How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes - NY Times
The $7 trillion fiscal cliff - CNN/Money
Release the Kraken - Hussman Funds

Oil drops to near $104 on global growth concerns - AP
Comex Gold Weaker Amid a Mild “Risk-Off” Trading Day - Kitco
Hedge Funds Now Betting Against Euro Zone - Financial Times
A Q&A Session With Mr. Market - Barron’s
Hugh Hendry Is Back - Full Eclectica Letter - Zero Hedge
When Fundamentals No Longer Apply, Review the Fundamentals - Sprott Asset Management
Huge upside potential in Gold as speculative net longs hit record lows - Commodity Onlin
The vested interests of the U.S. Fed and a return to real money - Mineweb
Gold’s Value Today - Azizonomics

The Economy and the Presidency - Feldstein, Project Syndicate
“The Forgotten Man”: the Great Recession in Popular Culture - Washington Monthly
Mounting public job losses tested Obama’s economic strategy - Washington Post
Germany Still a Bright Spot as Euro Zone Sputters - CNBC
Cameron says eurozone debt crisis has years to run - Telegraph
Goldman’s O’Neill Reported Among Candidates for BOE Chief - Bloomberg
China economic growth remains robust in first quarter - xinhuanet
Political focus on Bank of Japan is necessary evil - MarketWatch
The upward slope of Real House Prices - Calculated Risk
Neighborhoods crumble as thousands of homes sit in legal limbo - Sun Sentinel
Monetary Policy, The Real Economy, And Asset Prices: Where Are We? - Daily Capitalist
Fed’s Williams sees no need for further central bank action - Reuters
Fed Should Identify Forecasters - WSJ