Wednesday Morning Links

China home prices fall in most cities in March - CNA
Pimco’s Gross: Can’t Trust Spanish Bond Auctions - CNBC
“Not if, but when” for Spanish bailout, experts believe - Reuters
Deutsche Bank: Worst Yet to Come as Crisis Rescue Cash Ebbs - Bloomberg
Spanish banks’ bad loans rise to highest level since 1994 - Telegraph
Spain’s Surging Bad Loans Cast New Doubts on Bank Cleanup - Bloomberg
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Forecasting the impact of shadow inventory on housing - Sober Look
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Housing: New Bubble or More Trouble? - Dollar Collapse
The 401(k) Rip-off May Be Ending - Solin, HuffPost

Oil above $104 after US crude supply jump - AP
Gold falls for fourth day as euro sags - Reuters
Leading indicators of a market top - MarketWatch
Obama Goes Mano-a-Mano with Oil Speculators - Fiscal Times
Five money moves a Fed follower is making now - MarketWatch
Paulson Said to Short Europe Bonds Amid Spain Concern - BusinessWeek
Are you confused about stocks? You are not alone. - A Dash of Insight
India gold imports fall, 1% cut in import tariff sought - Commodity Online
China to overtake India with 35% growth in jewelry market - BullionStreet
The return of gold to the mainstream monetary system - Part 3 - Mineweb
Gold investment demand to remain strong in 2012 - Mineweb

Economists: Congress won’t fix economy - CNN/Money
U.S. consumers may be adjusting to $4 gasoline - Washington Post
Jobs Data Simultaneous Release Jeopardized Under Curbs - Bloomberg
IMF still won’t admit truth about the euro - Telegraph
Is Argentina Becoming the New Venezuela? - CNBC
Posen Switches Vote as BOE Concerned About Inflation - Bloomberg
Why Richard Koo’s idea won’t save the Eurozone - Salmon, Reuters
California home prices snap out of long decline - Housing Wire
First, Second Mortgage Default Rates Fall for 3rd Consecutive Month - S&P
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Do Easy Money Policies Primarily Benefit Finance and Rentiers? - Rortyabomb
Ben Bernanke’s Judy Garland Impersonation -
The Fed Plays Cute - Greider, The Nation