Tuesday Morning Links

No Normal Recovery - Reinhart/Rogoff, Bloomberg
Where Housing Once Boomed, Recovery Lags - NY Times
Recovery threatened by runaway student loan debt - AP
Iran oil embargo raises threat of new global recession - Tehran Times
Obama Adviser: Job Gains Broad-Based Not Weather Driven - Businessweek
PBOC’s Zhou Urges Fed to Consider Global Effect of Policy Easing - Bloomberg
On Bernanke’s ‘Misunderstanding’ of the Gold Standard - Daily Capitalist
What’s the Easiest Way to Cheat on Your Taxes? - NY Times
You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet - Part 1 - The Burning Tree
Too Big To Fail Will Eventually Fall Apart - HuffPost
Throw Out the Probability Models - Taleb, NY Times
Oh My, Steve Keen Edition - Krugman, NY Times
Why People Hate the Banks - NY Times
We Owe How Much?? - Dollar Collapse

Oil at $104 on mixed global economic signs - AP
Gold near $1,675 ahead of Fed minutes - Reuters
How Long Will Markets Stay Calm? - Businessweek
Rosenberg Recaps The Record Quarter - Zero Hedge
Market Recovery ‘Eerily Similar’ to 2011: CIO - CNBC
Valuation Indicators: Overvaluation Increases - Advisor Perspectives
India Gold imports fell more than 70% in March - Commodity Online
Jewellery strike ends as India defers excise duty - Mineweb
The Great Billionaires Gold Fight - 2 April 2012 - BullionVault
Gold bugs think Q2 will bring new rebound - MarketWatch
The Critical Number for Gold - Casey Research

How much did weather skew U.S. data? - MarketWatch
U.S. Standard of Living Has Fallen More Than 50% - ML Implode
Ranks of Working Poor Grow throughout Europe - NY Times
Program to help spur spending in domestic sector - China Daily
Saudis Skip Arab Spring, Nation Pours Money Into Jobs - Bloomberg
German Opposition Party Warns Fiscal Pact May Breach Constitution - Spiegel
The Two Women that Are about to Destroy Argentina - Economic Policy Journal
Leading Financial Web Site: Canada Housing Bubble to Burst - Virtual Strategy
U.S. Home Prices Seen Dropping 10% in on Foreclosures - Bloomberg
The new American household: 3 generations, 1 roof - CNN/Money
Fed’s Pianalto Sees More ‘Self-Sustaining’ Economic Expansion - Nasdaq
Fisher, Bullard Say The Fed Has Done Enough for Economy - CNBC
The Problem with the Fed’s Zero Rate Policy - Financial Sense
St. Louis Fed Blows Subprime Study - CNBC
Haunting Chairman Bernanke - NY Post

3 Responses to Tuesday Morning Links

  1. Chris April 3, 2012 at 9:35 AM #

    Just read the Casey Research article on “The Critical Number for Gold,” and I have to say that I don’t fully agree with them. The price for gold, like they stated, has rocketed in the past decade, but due to the global recession fears, and inherent value placed on gold as a means of replacement currency, their shouldn’t be anyway gold hits a sell point any time soon. It wouldn’t surprise me to see it burst, however, on the heels of global recovery.

    • Tim April 3, 2012 at 10:56 AM #

      I think they’re talking about a peak two or three years from now, maybe longer. One thing to remember is that we are likely to see the gold price rise along with interest rates at first - while real rates are still negative - so, his point about watch real interest rates, not just interest rates, is a good one.

      • Chris April 3, 2012 at 11:48 AM #

        Tim, I agree with his points on real interest rates and their effect on the true price of gold. Personally, however, even though he notes that the Fed will hold these interest rates low until late 2014, I don’t think that investors should be bearish on gold if the real interest rates begin to go up, simply because it may take a world wide economic recovery to stabilize currencies in relation to gold. Just my opinion obviously, but the article is a good one.